Welcome to Star Wars Showdown!

My brother, Timothy, and I have been talking about doing a Star Wars podcast for years. Every time we brought up the idea though, we always came back to the fact that there are already hundreds of great Star Wars podcasts. We didn’t feel like we had anything unique to add to the conversation. Well, that is until inspiration struck last March!

There was this ‘snack food bracket’ craze going around, maybe you remember it? If not, picture a March Madness bracket. Instead of basketball teams though, there are snack foods like Doritos and Oreos. As we sat down to dinner with our family, someone asked… what snack food won your bracket? It quickly became apparent that pretty much none of us agreed, which of course led to hours of hilarious conversations!

As our family continued debating the merits of their favorite snacks, Tim looked across the table at me and said, ‘we should do this, but about Star Wars’. We reminisced about a time when we were younger and would discuss Star Wars hypotheticals for days on end. We’d stay up late into the night making cases for would win a fight between Darth Maul and Darth Vader, which character had the coolest weapon, which ships were the fastest, etc.

At its core, these conversations is what Star Wars Showdown is all about – two brothers discussing everything they love about Star Wars!


From the moment I saw Vader's Star Destroyer looming down on Leia's ship as a kid, I've been entranced with that galaxy far, far away! This escalated into an obsession, due in large part to tabletop games and the amazing legends books. I love getting to be a part of the incredible Star Wars community, especially at events like Celebration!